Monday, April 23, 2012

Vote For Leon. Shining Like A Shaft of Gold When All Around is Dark

It is that time of year again when the vague promise of a vote will guarantee a free beer/lunch/shoe shine.

If you find my random mental eruptions influential, feel free to vote: If not, vote for everyone else.

If I make the cut, I promise to continue to write handy tips and tricks, do the odd book review (hint, hint publishers) and highlight why the rudderless SalesForce ship is lurching unsteadily onto the rocks of bankruptcy and ruin, while the SalesForce executives jump into their golden lifeboat crafted lovingly from relentless share sales. If you are a SalesForcer and are gnashing your teeth, that means I’ve influenced you so do the right thing. If you are laughing because you know it is true, vote for me as a beacon of light and purity in a world of marketing hype and hyperbole.

Otherwise vote for Matt Wittemann. He’s a good bloke and will keep me in Mac and Jacks on my next visit to Seattle if he gets up Winking smile


Andrii Butenko said...

Why not for me? ;) Recheck first page =)

Andrii Butenko said...

Unfortunately this poll isn't protected with registration/captchas, so anyone who knows development is able to develop application which will vote without any issues. I have already wrote this to organizers regarding this issue but I was not heard.

Leon Tribe said...

I fully support anyone voting for Andrii. While he may not keep me in Mac and Jacks his code generosity knows no bounds.

Post an interesting coding problem on the forums and Andrii will have a solution even before you hit Submit.

Leon Tribe said...

By the way the title is not a testament to my egocentric arrogance but a vague Monty Python reference. To translate, I am like a stream of bat's pi$$ ;)