Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CRM: Corpse Relationship Management

A recent project highlighted some of the newer features of Dynamics CRM so I thought running through some of the key aspects of the project to show what can be done in CRM 2013/2015.

The Project

The British Research Academy Into Necrobiological Systems (BRAINS) asked me to put a CRM system together in case of a necrobiological disaster, as described in Kane and Selsis’ recent pioneering work. In short, as we explore the universe there is an ever-increasing risk of exposing ourselves to Spontaneous Necro-Animation Psychosis (SNAP). While many agree such an apocalypse is inevitable, there is no reason why we cannot maintain relations between the uninfected and the infected as seen in documentaries such as the BBC’s “In The Flesh”.

Here is the CRM system I put together for them.

Zombie First Things First_b

Tracing Infection Lineage

Knowing the lineage of the infected will assist in a 360 degree view of the recently eaten. Who ate whom? Do they tend to kill or nibble? Do they have a preference in their cerebral comestibles?

Using the hierarchy settings, against the Contact entity in CRM, we can link Contacts to their ‘parent’ and visually display the hierarchy.


Jim Grim has been busy and obviously likes to sample his meals, more than gorge himself leading to the creation of four additional walkers.

Travelling up the hierarchy, we can also identify that all-so-important ‘patient zero’ where the outbreak began.

Collaboration (Bringing the Brains Together)

Using the often overlooked Posts, we can combine automated responses, such as from GPS tags on our upwardly mobile departed, with manual entries requesting assistance from the wider team. Jim’s speech therapy is not progressing well but the duct tape is working a treat.


Quick Create Forms

Often, when on the road, you do not have time to fill out a full CRM form. Whether you are behind the wheel or behind a makeshift barricade, getting the data into CRM as quickly and efficiently as possible is often the key to survival. The new Quick Create Forms are for quick data entry, capturing the essentials and getting to the guts of it.


Enhanced Mobility

Even when you do not have an internet connection because of a power cut or the shambling hordes breaking the transmitters, you can still enter data when on the road. The mobile client of CRM allows you to enter data, even when you are offline and will sync when a connection is re-established.

Other Features

Other new features such as roll-up and calculated fields, quick view forms and business process flows will also prove useful down the trail, and perhaps in your systems as well. Feel free to explore but, as with all adventures into new territory, it is always recommended you have a trusted guide to make sure you do not fall into any traps or find yourself in a dead end.

Have a great April Fool’s Day ;)


Unknown said...

haha great one!

InteractivWebs said...

We have created a CRM solution that is for a Cremation Service. They use it to track and manage all the paperwork and procedures that go around that service.

Be fun to put this on their system... Not sure they have the same sense of humour as