Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Industry Verticals for Dynamics CRM

I got an email last week from Lauren Carlson of Software Advice ( referencing an article she wrote about some of the ‘field-tested’ add-ons for Dynamics CRM targeted at specific industries.

Initially is was 20 but it now appears to have dropped down to 15. I knew about a couple of these solutions but being situated on the bottom of the world there were a whole bunch of them I was not aware of.

If you are in one of the 15 verticals mentioned and wondering how Dynamics CRM can be extended to meet your needs, check out the solutions. Even if you are not based in the USA, these are excellent examples of the flexibility of the Dynamic CRM platform to meet the diverse business needs out in the world.


Dave Berry said...

What's your general experience with this blog or its authors?

Leon Tribe said...

I have had no dealings with Lauren outside of her emailing me (and many other CRM blog writers from what I can tell) about her article. Is Lauren getting a free plug for her services via my blog? Absolutely but, for me, the value of the article (which I'll be making good use of as part of a marketing plan I'm putting together) makes it a small price to pay.