Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to Find the Total Number of Records in an Account, Contact or Lead view

If you are here, you are probably aware that the most rows you can achieve in a CRM view is 250. Moreover, the views in CRM do not tell you the total number of records. Therefore if, for example, you want to know exactly how many contact records do not have the ‘gender’ attribute filled in (or whether it is male or female) it becomes a tedious process of getting the total number of pages, taking away 1,multiplying by 250 and adding the total number of records on the last page.

Here is a workaround.

Step 1: Create a Marketing List


Step 2: Add Marketing List Members using an Advanced Find Query that mimics the rules of the view in question


Step 3: Click the Find button and Add All Members Returned to the Marketing List


Step 4: Take a Good Look at the Marketing List Members Section of the Marketing List Record


There it is, above the action toolbar, the total number of members in the marketing list; in this case 1785.

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Dave Berry said...

Clever. I will remember this.