Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dynamics CRM-GP Adapter is looking to be a Scribe-killer

In my last blog ( I suggested that the CRM-GP integration tool could be a Scribe-killer as it appears to be a generic web service connector which just happens to be locked down to Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP for now.

Literally days later, the tool was released into the wild ( and the information confirms my suspicions.

The FAQ states:

"The integration is a web service to web service integration. The integration is comprised of an NT Service which binds together web services for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP to read and write data. The integration service also leverages a transform engine to convert the data between the interfaces to ensure that the data moving between the two systems is compatible and in correct form."

So it's a generic tool for taking data from one web service and feeding it to another, with the ability to manipulate it in between.

The FAQ also tells us:

"Version 1 of the Adapter has been built to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP applications only."

That's it; confirmation it's going to be used beyond Dynamics GP.

What is really cool is if they allow you to use the tool to connect both ends to GP, you suddenly get a basic workflow engine e.g. when a product is created in one company, push it across the other companies in GP etc.

So is this the end of Scribe? Despite the title, not likely. While there is the opportunity to go beyond Dynamics CRM and the ERP camp I would think this is quite a way off. I think this will significantly damage Scribe in the Dynamics space but outside of this I don't think Microsoft have much incentive to develop the tool at this stage.

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