Friday, August 14, 2009

Handy links for non-technical CRM administrators

I was asked to put this together for work and thought I'd also post it here for reference. If you manage a Dynamics CRM implementation and want to keep track of the latest developments/add-ons etc. these should keep you on the right path.

There are plenty of other, excellent resources out there but I've chosen these specifically because their content is not necessarily focused at developers but more at general administrators/managers.

There is a bias towards Australian resources, but even folk outside of the antipodes should get some value from these.

In person:

Sydney CRM User Group (SCRMUG):

Hosted by CRM MVP Guy riddle and generally held once a month. Always feature a roundup of the latest news in the world of Dynamics CRM


Twitter feeds:


@ SanjayJain369





Catherine Eibner (

Guy Riddle (

Menno te Koppele (

Dynamics CRM in Australia (

Dynamics CRM Team (

Dynamics CRM UK (


Dynamics CRM 4.0 Resource Center (


astanton said...

I feel so left out :(

Leon Tribe said...

I'd point you to the updated version ( I did a few weeks ago but you're not mentioned there either :P I have added a comment to the end though pointing to your web site and twitter ;)